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A Simple JSON Validator Online Tool!


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What is JSON Validator:

The JSON validator is a simple online tool to validate the entered JSON having the correct format. The above JSON Validator will help you validate the JSON code in just a click.

How to use JSON Validator:

  • Copy the JSON codes
  • Open our validator
  • Paste the JSON code in the above textarea
  • Click “Validate Json” button
  • The popup will appear below the text are says whether the entered JSON code is valid or not.
  • If the code is valid: The Green alert box will appear on the screen
  • If the code is invalid: The Red alert box will appear on the screen

Example for JSON Code:

The basic examples of JSON are:

Sample JSON Code
  1. {
  2.     “employee”: {
  3.         “name”:       “sonoo”,
  4.         “salary”:      56000,
  5.         “married”:    true
  6.     }
Sample JSON Code
  1. [“Sunday”“Monday”“Tuesday”“Wednesday”“Thursday”“Friday”“Saturday”]
Sample JSON Code
{“name”:”Ram”, “email”:”[email protected]”},
{“name”:”Bob”, “email”:”[email protected]”}


The above tool will help you validate your JSON Code. Simply paste the JSON code in the above form and click validate button. If your JSON code is valid and then it will be printed. If you have any queries then comment us below.

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