Kodi 19 Code Name Revealed- Upcoming Kodi got its Codename !!

Matrix is the Codename of the Upcoming Stable Kodi 19

Kodi 19 Matrix


odi 19 Codename: Kodi has its trail from Xbox as it was initially designed as a media player for the purpose of Xbox and was named as XBMC. Later on, it was changed to Xbox Media Center and finally got its most famous name Kodi. Kodi is an all in one player[Most Versatile Open Source Media Player] that allows you to watch Videos, listen to music, view pictures, and can do a lot more. Every year, there will be a stable release of Kodi Player from the Kodi Team and the current one is Kodi 18 which is codenamed as Leia. However, the works of Kodi 19 has already been started and the Official Kodi Team asked for the Public Opinion of Codename of Kodi 19.

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List of Codenames that has been enlisted by Official Kodi based on Public Suggestions:

Kodi 17 follows the codename that starts with “K” and Kodi 18 follows the codename which starts with “L”. Hence based on that, Kodi 19 will be having its Codename starting with “M”.

The following list was finalized by Kodi Team based on the Public suggestions.

  1. Magneto
  2. Mars
  3. Marvel
  4. Marvin
  5. Matrix
  6. Megatron
  7. Merlin
  8. Metropolis
  9. Mordor 
  10. Morpheus

Official Codename of Kodi 19 by Kodi Team:

Out of the above list, it is finally chosen that Matrix is going to be the Official Codename for the Upcoming Stable Release Kodi 19.

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Official Codename for Kodi 19 is Matrix !!!

Kodi Codenames List- Overview:

  • XBMC 8.10 – Atlantis
  • XBMC 9.04  – Babylon
  • XBMC 9.11  – Camelot
  • XBMC 10.0  – Dharma
  • XBMC 11.0  – Eden
  • XBMC 12.0  – Frodo
  • XBMC 13.0  – Gotham
  • KODI   14.0  – Helix
  • KODI   15.0  – Isengard
  • KODI   16.0  – Jarvis
  • KODI   17.0  – Krypton
  • KODI   18.0  – Leia
  • KODI   19.0  – Matrix

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Codenames are always interesting and it becomes more when it comes to Kodi. The codename of the upcoming Kodi 19 is Matrix and it is quite convincing for me and if you had any thoughts then Kindly Comment them so that we all can come to know. Apart from that, if you have any Query or Suggestions then Kindly Comment Us and we will revert to you with a solution ASAP.

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