Linux Kernel 5.4 Coming with Load Balancing on AMD EPYC Servers

Load balancing on AMD EPYC Servers


inux 5.4 Kernal: Linux recently announced, the latest version of Linux Kernel 5.4 coming in the mid of september having the new feature “Load Balancing” on AMD EPYC Servers.

Currently, the AMD EPYC Server is failed to do the load balancing process and so the scheduler topology improvement by SUSE’s Matt Fleming changes the current behavior. In the coming Linux Kernel update, we can expect the load balancing on AMD EPYC servers¬†across NUMA nodes on different sockets.

AMD Ryzen EPYC Load Balancing
AMD Ryzen EPYC Load Balancing

The new Linux Kernel will optimize the load balancing and protect the AMD from failures, helps the servers to run constantly good as in extreme loads. From one of the code comments:

AMD EPYC machines use this because even though the 2-hop distance is 32 (3.2x slower than local memory access) performance actually *improves* if allowed to reclaim memory and load balance tasks between NUMA nodes 2-hops apart.

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