Linux Kernel 5.4-rc8 is available for Download

Linux Kernel 5.4 Release Candidate Version 8 is available now!!

Linux Kernel 5.4-rc8


ernel 5.4-rc8: “Nothing much has happened over the last week and most of the pull requests that I have got are for Kernel 5.5 as expected which I will be starting to work from tomorrow” updated by Linus Torvalds on his blog. The requests for Kernel 5.5 are increasing day by day which leads to the point that we will get the Stable Linux 5.4 as soon as possible. For now, Linux Kernel 5.4 Release Candidate 8 is available for download from the official Linux Kernel that was released on November 17, 2019. 

Talking about Linux Kernel 5.4, a stable release can be expected in the nearer days but Release Candidate 8 of Kernel 5.4 is available from the Official

Expected Features of the upcoming Linux Kernel 5.4:

  • Linux Kernel Lockdown feature will restrict applications() from using Linux Kernel and thereby increasing the system security from malicious things.
  • Support for Microsoft’s exFAT thereby providing users a new experience while handling exFAT formatting drives.
  • AMD Gamers get Linux Kernel 5.4 support for their AMD Radeon GPUs
  • Support for Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 system on a chip that will enhance the memory management in Android systems.

Linux Kernel Details:

Note: Release Candidate versions are generally used for testing purposes and may not be stable.
Linux KernelVersion
5.4-rc8Release Candidate


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