Linux Kernel 5.6-rc3 Releases Officially by Linus Torvalds!!

Linux Kernel 5.6 Released
Linux Kernel 5.6 Released


ernel 5.6-re3 releases:“ Linux Torvalds said, ‘Linux Kernel 5.6-rc3 will be released soon.’” Linux Kernel is an open-source UNIX based operating system for all the computers. Each and every part of Linux distributions is made up of Linux Kernel. Every major open-source system such as Servers, Desktops, TV, smartphones, Watch, Distro is using the Linux Kernel as the base. The Linux Kernel is basically developed by Linus Torvalds in the year of 1991 for his personal computer. But later now, it has been developed into an operating system that attracted many developers all around the world.

Linux Kernel Basic Structure
Linux Kernel Basic Structure

Linux Kernel 5.6-rc3 Released:

The exact words from Linus Torvalds about Linux Kernel 5.6-rc3 are:

Linux Kernel 5.6-rc3
Fairly normal rc3 as far as I can tell. We’ve seen bigger, but we’ve
seen smaller ones too. Maybe this is slightly on the low side of
average at this time, which would make sense since this was a smaller
merge window. Anyway, too much noise in the signal to be sure either

The overall stats look fairly regular too: about 55% drivers (staging,
sound, GPU, networking, and USB look noticeable, with some noise
elsewhere). The bulk of the staging diff is actually the vsoc removal,
so that’s nice.

Outside of drivers, we have the usual suspects: arch fixes (PowerPC,
s390, x86, but also a late csky update that I couldn’t find it in
myself to worry about). Filesystems (ext4 and btrfs) and networking.
And misc sprinkles of small fixes elsewhere.

See the appended short log for details,

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Download Latest Linux Kernel 5.6-rc3:

You can find the download & installation information about Linux Kernel 5.6-rc3 on their official website:

Kernel Download
Kernel Download


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