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Linux Kernel Version- Check your Kernel Version on Ubuntu

How to check the Linux Kernel Version- Explained with Linux Ubuntu

Linux Kernel Version


inux Kernel Version: Kernel is the core of an Operating system which users can make use to access the hardware and software. When it comes to Linux, it takes back us more than 2 decades and to be precise, 27 years ago, it all started with the young Finnish-American Software Engineer, Linus Benedict Torvalds who developed the Linux kernel made a revolution on the field of Computer and Operating Systems. Keeping the history aside, Linux Kernel is a Free and Open Source kernel in which the entire operating system works on kernel space. In this article, we will see How to Check the current Linux Kernel Version, Latest Linux Kernel, Updating the Linux Kernel and a lot more related to Linux Kernel.

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Linux Kernel Terminology:

Syntax Sample:


  1. 5- Kernel Version Installed
  2. 0.0- Major and Minor Updates
  3. 13- Bug Fixes
  4. Generic- Nature of Kernel(Generic or Low Latency)

How to Check the Current Linux Kernel Version on Linux Operating System:

Firstly, we will start by checking our Linux Kernel Version. Kindly follow the below steps to get to know about your existing Kernel Version. Here, we will use Linux Ubuntu 19.04 Disco Dingo to achieve this.

  • All the following commands will let you know to find your current Kernel Version.
$   uname -r

$   uname -a

$   uname -sr

$   cat /proc/version

Note: All the above commands will show the Linux Kernel Version of your Linux Operating System. You can use any one of them.

  • Open Linux Terminal(on Ubuntu) using CTRL +ALT +T. Simply press F2 to get the terminal on Fedora.
  • There are a number of commands available to check the Kernel Version. We will explain one by one.
$   uname -a

How to Use? Paste the above command and press Enter Key.

Linux Kernel Version
uname -a kernel Command
  • The output will be as shown in the above image. Of the entire line, the required information about the Linux Kernel is “”


  1. 5- Linux Kernel Version Installed
  2. 0.0- Major and Minor Updates
  3. 13- Bug Fixes
  4. Generic- Nature of Kernel(Generic or Low Latency)
  • Along with the Linux Kernel Version information, you will also find a lot of other information such as username, date and time, and machine and processor and operating system architecture and other useful information.
$   uname -r
Linux Kernel Version
uname -r kernel command
$   uname -sr
Linux Kernel Version
uname -sr kernel command
$   cat /proc/version
Linux Kernel Version
Linux Kernel Version Check

Updating the Linux Kernel Version on Ubuntu:

Most of the time, Kernel Versions are always updated to the latest version but in case auto-updates are turned off then you can perform updating the Kernel Version using the following commands.

$   sudo apt-get update

$   sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

  1. The first command will update all the installed applications.
  2. The second command will make sure that the Kernel is updated to the latest version.

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This article clearly explains how to check your current Linux Kernel Version on your various Ubuntu such as Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04.2 LTS, 18.10, and Ubuntu Disco Dingo 19.04 and other information related to the Linux Kernel Version. If you have any Query then Kindly Comment Us and we will revert to you with a solution ASAP.

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