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MIUI 11 for POCO F1 is out and available Globally!!

Official MIUI 11 for POCO F1 has been released and available to use

MIUI 11 released for POCO F1


IUI 11 POCO F1: As per the previous announcement from the Poco Team that MIUI 11 will be released between October 24- 31 2019, MIUI 11 is now official and global and available for all the POCO F1 users. Though it is built on Android Pie and not on Android 10, the new User Experience(UX) is really to the next level. There are a lot of added features and user experiences and improved codes on the POCO F1 powered by MIUI 11 built over Android Pie. The following are the features of the MIUI 11 of POCO F1.

MIUI 11 POCO F1 Features, Updates, Bug Fixes, and Improved User Experience(UX):

What’s New on MIUI 11 of Poco F1:

MIUI 11 Features on POCO F1
  • Dedicated Dark Mode
  • Added Gestures
  • Quick Replies
  • Improved UI and UX
  • Sounds of nature for notifications.
  • Print directly from your phone without any third-party apps
  • Documents’ view on the file manager is enhanced
  • Wifi bug fix and Battery Enhancement.

Dedicated Dark Mode for POCO F1:

Dark Mode on MIUI 11 Poco F1
Dark Mode on MIUI 11 Poco F1
  • Dark Mode may not feel like a new feature for Poco F1 users but unlike the Dark Mode of MIUI 10, the dark mode of MIUI 11 on Poco F1 is very dedicated and you can find the dark mode almost everywhere like Settings, Dial pad, Messages, and other system apps.
  • You can also schedule your dark mode now making it much useful.
Dedicated Dark mode for Poco F1 MIUI 11
Dedicated Dark mode for Poco F1 MIUI 11

Go Notchless and Newly Added Gestures on MIUI 11 Poco F1:

Notchless and newly added gestures
Notchless and newly added gestures
  • Poco F1 is well known for its Big Notch and it is really a pulling factor for Poco. However, you can hide your notch now on MIUI 11. The display may feel smaller in size after you hide the notch. It is totally up to the user’s preference.
  • A new Gesture is added that allows you to go back to the previously opened application.
  • Quick replies, you can now assign Quick replies to a number of apps making it much easier for users to respond and interact.

Improved User Interface(UI) and User Experience(UX):

Refreshing Look and Improved User Experience
Refreshing Look and Improved User Experience

MIUI 10 was not a successful interface or experience but operating systems like Oxygen of One Plus has the best UI and UX and was more popular among the users. With MIUI 11, the User experience and User Interface have been taken to the next level and users can feel a significant difference. Refreshing Interfaces, new fonts, new app icons, and fluidic performance are few of the MIUI 11 features.

Natural Sounds Pack for Ringtones and Notifications:

Natural Sounds Pack for Notifications
Natural Sounds Pack for Notifications

A lot of Natural Sounds, Wind Chimes, Guitar and more has been added on MIUI 11 with a new interface.


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