Run Sudo Command Without Password in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & 19.04

How to run Sudo command without sudo password in Ubuntu!

Run Sudo Command Without Password


un Sudo Command Without Password: Is it possible to run the SUDO command without its password in Ubuntu? The answer is Yes. Follow the article below and we provide multiple ways to achieve it. Before getting into the article, The SUDO is the basic command to run all the command with “Super User privileges” in Linux. To grant sudo access to the user, You need to add the user to the Sudoers file. In Ubuntu & Debian based distros, the sudoers groups are called as the Wheel.

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Why Sudo Command in Ubuntu:

Each member in the Suoders group will be prompted to enter the password before running the sudo command. These steps will increase the Security of your Ubuntu PC. It also prevents the user has lower privileges trying to install or removing any app from Ubuntu PC.

Why does it need to run SUDO command without Password?

In some scenarios, You may need to run an automated process or automated scripts, which requires the configuration of in sudoers file as allowing some users to run the sudo command without password. How to do? In the below steps, we explained the ways to run the sudo command without entering a password. Take a look at the tutorial!

Adding Users to Sudoers File to skip the password:

Each information about the user is stored in the sudoers file only. Which determines a user’s and group’s sudo privileges. Before editing this file, we suggest you take the backup of this file. You can edit the sudoers file using the below command:

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$sudo visudo

The above command will open the /etc/sudoers file. The visudo command will check for any syntax error after editing the file. It is recommended you take the sudoers file before editing it. Just follow the below command to take a new backup.

$sudo cp /etc/sudoers{,.backup_$(date +%Y%m%d)}

The above command will take the backup of the sudoers file and the date will be appended with the filename.

Once you finished the backup process. You can start editing the sudoers file. Now you need to change the visual editor to the “nano” editor. Use the following command:

$sudo EDITOR=nano visudo

Once you open the sudoers files in the nano editors, you need to scroll down to the end of the editor and add the following code in it!


Replace the “tecrobust” with your username! (e.g: anderson ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL), The command NOPASSWD will skip the password authentication while running SUDO command in terminal.

How to Skip Password while running sudo for Particular command:

You can allow certain commands to run sudo with a password, Use the following command to achieve it:

$tecrobust ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:/bin/cp,/bin/install,bin/remove

Once you have done the editing, kindly save the file and exit the terminal.

Skip Password Using /etc/sudoers.d file:

This method is the alternate way to run the sudo command without entering the password. You can add the new file authentication to the /etc/sudoers.d directory, So the Sudo command can run without password for a few commonly used commands which are already defined in the new file of the sudoers directory. This steps will eliminate the editing of the whole sudoers file.

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Now you need to open the terminal and create the new file in the sudoers directory.

$sudo nano /etc/sudoers.d/new_file

In the above command, Replace the “new_file” with your own file name. Now run the same command to run the sudo command without entering the password.


You need to replace the “new_file” with your newly created sudoers file. The above command will help you run the sudo command without password for that certain user.


Yay! you reached the conclusion of this article. Usaually, Running sudo without a password is not recommended for all users without privileges. We suggest you create a new sudoers file and assign the command alone have to run the sudo command without password!!. If you have any queries then comment us below.

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