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Tec Robust is one of the best Tutorial based website mainly dedicated for Linux Environment. One of the Notable Points when it comes to Tec Robust is that 60-70% of its Organic Traffic is from the United States and the European Countries. We are now growing strong with different categories that cover Linux, Online Tools, Windows, and more and we want to keep Tec Robust an Open Portal for Quality Information. As always it is, “Information is Wealth” and be a part us through our Sponsored Posts.

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If you have a product or a service in this niche that needs to gain visibility on the web, then you have come to the perfect place. Before talking business, it’s better to learn our Sponsored posts/Guest posts policies.

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  • Content along with the Images, Links, Tags can be submitted to us in the form of .doc or pdf file through the mail to tecrobust[at]gmail.com.
  • You can add only one “Dofollow” Link to your content or product per Sponsored Post.
  • We demand or reserve the right to edit your posts for any kinds of any grammar, spelling, or formatting corrections.
  • Each post must have a minimum of 450 words and you can include up to 1 no-follow redirected link to your content.
  • A sponsored post must contain only high-resolution images completely relevant to your topic.
  • The Featured Image of your Post should be of the resolution of (1440*1200) or (1200*800) Pixels.
  • The images or videos or any sensible material related to your content must be released under a Creative Commons license.
  • We have full rights to edit or remove your sponsored post, guest post or article submission without informing you If it violates our terms.
  • We don’t refund the payments.
  • For Sensible Contents, a valid ID Proof is required.
  •  We are not responsible for the contents published in https://www.tecrobust.com by you.
  • We will take less than 2 days for approval or disapproval status.
  • The views expressed in a sponsored post are solely the author’s and do not necessarily represent Tec Robust.

It may seem Tough but the output will be pure and efficient and along with us, let’s make Highly Qualified Contents. If you are willing to submit a Sponsored Post or Guest Article then Kindly Contact Us or Follow Us on Twitter.