Stress NG Ubuntu: Check your PC’s Stress using Stress-ng Ubuntu Application

Stress-ng Snap Application


tress NG: If you want to test your Ubuntu PC with the help of work stress and then, Stress-ng is the best in performing stress operations. Stress-ng is a snap application mainly designed to perform stress operation. You must need to be very careful while using this application because it may kill your hardware. You can test your HDD, RAM, Chipset, Video Memory & much more hardware. You can even perform the stress test for IO devices (e.g: Pen Drive, Flash Card… etc). In this article, we are going to provide the installation and working methods of stress-ng ubuntu snap application on your Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & 19.04 Disco Dingo edition.

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How to install Stress-NG Application on Ubuntu:

There are two ways to install the stress-ng application on Ubuntu. They are:

  • Install stress-ng through Command Terminal
  • Install stress-ng through Ubuntu Store. {Recommend Method}

Install Stress-ng through Command Terminal:

As we told earlier, stress-ng is a kind of stress performing the application. You can install the stress-ng using the following steps:

  • Open command terminal using the shortcut CTRL + ALT + T
  • Now copy the below command to install the stress-ng application
$sudo snap install stress-ng
Stress-ng installation
Stress-ng installation

The above command prompt you enter the password of your device. The installation process will initiate now. This is one of the methods to install the stress-ng application using the command terminal.

Install Stress-ng Via Ubuntu Store:

You can install Stress-ng application from the Ubuntu store. Follow the below instructions:

  • You need to open the Ubuntu Store and search for Stress-ng app or click the below button to open fkill app in the Ubuntu Store.
Stress-ng Snap Application
Stress-ng Snap Application
  • Once the Ubuntu store has launched, you need to click the “Install” button to install the Stress-ng application.
  • Provide the password if it asks.
  • Wait for the installation process to get completed.
  • Click the launch button to start this Stress-ng application.
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How to use Stress-ng Snap App:

You can launch the stress-ng application using the command “stress-ng” in Linux Command Terminal.

Once it launched, you can use this app to perform the stress test. The below command is a sample for the stress test. You can use the command to check your CPU.

$stress-ng --class cpu-cache --sequential 0 -t 60 --time

The output of the above command is,

stress-ng: info:  [25699] dispatching hogs: 8 bsearch, 8 cache, 8 heapsort, 8 hsearch, 8 icache, 8 lockbus, 8 lsearch, 8 malloc, 8 matrix, 8 matrix-3d, 8 membarrier, 8 memcpy, 8 mergesort, 8 qsort, 8 radixsort, 8 shellsort, 8 str, 8 stream, 8 tree, 8 tsearch, 8 vecmath, 8 wcs, 8 zlib
^Cstress-ng: info:  [25699] successful run completed in 6.82s
stress-ng: info:  [25699] for a 6.82s run time:
stress-ng: info:  [25699]      54.58s available CPU time
stress-ng: info:  [25699]      53.73s user time   ( 98.44%)
stress-ng: info:  [25699]       0.03s system time (  0.05%)
stress-ng: info:  [25699]      53.76s total time  ( 98.49%)
stress-ng: info:  [25699] load average: 2.11 1.39 1.51

You can find more Stress-ng command on their official website:

Remove Stress-ng application:

You can remove the stress-ng application using the following command,

$sudo snap remove stress-ng

The above command will prompt you to enter the password and enter the password and execute the uninstallation process.


Yes, you should beware of this application. The above command has the capability to crash your pc and so you should not run the stress command for more than 60 seconds. It may hurt your hardware if you run this command for a long time. Follow the instructions carefully before running this app. The instructions are given on their official website.

Stress-ng App Details:

Basic App Details & Requirements

App Version0.10.04
App Size3 MB
OS RequirementUbuntu 16.04 & Later Versions
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That’s it. Stress-ng application is the best way to test your hardware by performing the stress operations. You can follow the article to install the stress-ng application on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & 19.04 OS. If you have any query related to this topic and then feel free to comment on us.

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