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Strip HTML- Extract Text from the HTML Codes- Instantly

Strip HTML and Extract the Texts from the given HTML Code

Strip HTML- Extract Text from HTML Code:

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When do we need the “Strip HTML Tool”?

As the title suggests, Strip HTML literally strips down the HTML Code and extract only the Textual Contents of the HTML Code. Anything that is tagged under the heading tags, paragraph tags, and similar textual tags, the texts from those tags will be extracted and all the other HTML tags(codes) will be eliminated and the final output will just hold all the Textual contents of the given HTML Code.

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Example to understand this tool easy and better:

Strip HTML- Extract Text from HTML Code
Strip HTML- Extract Text from HTML Code[Example]

How does Tec Robust’s Strip HTML works?

This is a very simple tool. Kindly paste the HTML Code on the Input form and click on the button “Extract the Text”. You can watch the conversion happening instantly and you can get the extracted text right away from the form. You can copy them right away. Click on the Reset button will revert to the previous step.

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Features of this Tool:

  • This tool is completely Free to Use.
  • The Conversion happens Instantly.
  • User-Friendly Mobile Version.
  • User Data is not stored and hence Privacy is well maintained.

Get in Touch with Us:

With Strip HTML, you can Strip all the HTML Codes and extract the Text contents present on the given HTML Code. If you have any Queries related to this Web App then Kindly Comment Us and we will revert to you with a solution ASAP. For instant solutions, Connect to Us through our Forum!!

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