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Enjoy the famous T-rex run game online on Tec Robust

Trex run game online

T-Rex Run Game: A simple and most interesting game which you can enjoy generally on the Google Search page that does not load because of no internet connection or when there is a problem with the internet connection. The intention of this game is to make users not to get disappointed when the internet connection fails. However, this game became more and more interesting and people started searching about this game so that they can play whenever they want and not just when the internet goes off. Here in Tec Robust, you can totally play the T-Rex run and never stop running!!

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T-Rex Run Game- Gameplay:

The gameplay is really very simple. There is a Trex that will be on an Endless run and on the way, it will be facing obstacles and troubles in the form of Cactus Plants(Taller & Shorter) and Flying dinosaurs which can be avoided by Jumping and Ducking. As the game continues, the gameplay will keep getting faster and faster which makes it more and more interesting!!

The objective of the T-Rex Run Game:

As it is an Endless Run game, there is really no destination and hence the only objective of the game is to run as much as possible avoiding all the troubles and obstacles leading to the High Score.

Controls in the T-Rex Run Game:

This is a very simple game and hence there is nothing much with the controls. There are only two things we can do in this game and they are Jumping and Ducking.

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  • Jumping(To ignore Cactus & Flying Dinosaurs)- Space Bar
  • Ducking(To ignore the Flying Dinosaurs)- Down Arrow
    Trex run
    Trex Run Gameplay

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Enjoy playing T-Rex Run Game on Tec Robust and make high Score record with this adrenaline rushing game!! Kindly Comment Us if you have any Query.

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