Ubuntu 18.04.3 Released & Download- Canonical announced the release of 18.04.3 LTS Edition

Ubuntu Bionic Beaver gets 18.04.3 LTS Edition.

Ubuntu 18.04.3 Released


buntu 18.04.3 Released: Team Canonical proudly annouced that Ubuntu 18.04.3 Bionic Beaver Edition LTS version has released. This new version Ubuntu 18.04.3 is available as the LTS edition and so people can shift from Ubuntu 19.04 to Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS edition. You can use this LTS edition for Desktop, Cloud & Servers as the other Ubuntu LTS products.

What’s new in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS:

This edition follows the legacy of Ubuntu LTS and also includes hardware enablement stacks
for use on newer hardware. Hardware Enablement Stack is available on all architectures by default. The Ubuntu server installs the GA kernel, but you can select the HWE kernel from the boot loader.

Added Features in Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS:

  • Fewer updates will need after the installation completed
  • Security patch fixes
  • Faster boot loading
  • Correction on high impact bugs
  • Increased stability
  • Compatible on new hardware devices
  • LTS by Canonical

How long the support provided for Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS:

Team Canonical announced that they will provide Maintenance support up to 5 years of a Long Time Support for Desktop, Cloud & Server.

Download Ubuntu 18.04.3:

The official version of Ubuntu 18.04.3 is available in the Ubuntu Website. You can download this package container for Desktop, Cloud & Server. Follow the below link to download the latest LTS version of Ubuntu 18.04.3

Find More information about release notes:

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Each and every day, Canonical team stepping into the refining Ubuntu. This LTS edition have many added features and faster than Old Ubuntu versions. If you have any opinions, kindly mention those in our comment section.

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