Ubuntu 19.04 ‘Disco Dingo’ is coming, Release Date, Feature

Disco Dingo- First Impression
Disco Dingo- First Impression

Ubuntu 19.04 releases on 18th April 2019, This Ubuntu 19.04 can be called as Disco Dingo contains major update in GUI and in technical features also. Let us take a quick look into the features and all updates in Ubuntu 19.04:

Essential Features:

There is no alpha version release in Ubuntu Disco Dingo edition but there is a beta version of Disco Dingo available for download in the month of March and this version is mainly launched to test this edition completely. This edition got a good reach among the users mainly due to the new “Interface & Fast processing”.

This Disco Dingo comes with the latest Gnome 3.32 and offering us the mesa 19.0 makes the Kernal 5.0

Actually, these features are planned to launch with 18.10 release, but they postponed to the next edition named as the Disco Dingo. Disco Dingo will change your Linux PC completely ( Developers Claiming ).

GS Connect comes with Disco Dingo but as the Repo not as the Default application! Ubuntu 19.04 includes the support for Android Integration using GS Connect. This helps the users to connect Android phone to Ubuntu device wirelessly. They made some quick cuts also like, The open source Chromium app is available on Snap store & New kernel update & patch service.

They had done some performance patches too. More fluidic experience. The Disco Dingo comes with the New wallpaper which makes your pc more delightful.

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