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Ubuntu 20.04 Expected Features, Releasing Date & Patches Fixes!

Latest Discussion on Reddit about Ubuntu 20.04 Features, patches & Release Date

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
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buntu 20.04 LTS: Ubuntu 20.04 is the upcoming LTS (Long Term Support) Version. In this article, we picked out the important features and software tweaks that are required by the Ubuntu users. Few days before, The discussion about Ubuntu 20.04 features & expectations has been created in Sub-reddit. Here we posted the list of some important features and software tweaks that users deeply required.

Ubuntu 20.04 Release Date:

Ubuntu 20.04 will be released on April 2020

The Ubuntu 20.04 explains that, Latest version of Ubuntu is going to be launch in 2020 year April Month (20.04).

Ubuntu 20.04 Features & Facts: User Suggested

  • Snap Apps, QT Apps & Gnome Apps should be using the same icons & same themes.
  • Snap store should show a warning sign for unverified publishers.
  • After installing the app from the snap store, the user should be notified of how to use the app & desktop apps should show the .desktop launcher.
  • Users should be notified if additional drivers can be installed.
  • Kernel update to fix extra security issues and patch fixes.
  • A new Splash Screen needed while launching the game.
  • Very less space & low power consumption.
  • More screen space required.
  • Latest Ubuntu version required no system restart after software or package updated.
  • Need to fix random Gnome Freeze.
  • Ubuntu 20.04 should need to be more stabilized.
  • Make it easy to deactivate mouse acceleration without any extra apps.
  • Nvidia drivers are fantastic after you install them.

The above list source: Sub-Reddit

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Support Details:

Ubuntu LTS Details
Ubuntu LTS Details
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You may able to know the complete details about every version of Ubuntu OS from the canonical. Ubuntu 20.04 is the upcoming LTS version and going to be launched in April 2020. The LTS support going to be extended up to 2028 April month. The Updates will include the Hardware & Maintenance updates (up to 2022 November), Maintenance updates (up to 2025 March), Interim Releases & Extended Security Maintenance for Customers (up to 2030 April).

The above image source: Ubuntu blog


The Upcoming LTS version of Ubuntu 20.04 is going to be launch in April 2020. We can expect the most important, software tweak, security fix & Hardware-software maintenance. You can comment you suggested and required feature is going to launch with Ubuntu 20.04!

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