Ubuntu Cinnamon Remix Version Released & Available for Download!

A brief information about Ubuntu Cinnamon Unofficial Flavour Edition.

Cinnamon Flavoured Ubuntu Version


buntu Cinnamon Remix Released: The team behind the Ubuntu Cinnamon Unofficial flavour announced the release date after many months of development. This is the first-ever remixed Ubuntu Cinnamon version released by the Team! Ubuntu is one of the major distros of the Linux Operating system. The official version of the Ubuntu comes with the major essential environments like Gnome, KDE Plasma & Mate, Budgie. The team behind the Ubuntu cinnamon remixed version decided to add the “Cinnamon Flavour” to the Ubuntu operating system.

The creator of the Remixed Flavour version of Ubuntu is “UbuntuCinnamon“. After many months of developing, the Ubuntu remixed version comes with the Ubuntu-based open-source environments like Gnome, KDE plasma, Budgie, Mate & Xfce. The creator named this edition as “Ubuntu Cinnamon Remixed” version. You can find the official download version from the website.

What’s new in Ubuntu Cinnamon Remixed:

The first released is based on the Ubuntu 19.10 version. The essential features are:

  • Cinnamon 4.0.10 desktop environment
  • UEFI support
  • Calamares installer
  • LightDM and Slick Greeter
  • Kimmo themes
  • Great software selection.

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Cinnamon Flavoured Cinnamon version is completely based on the Ubuntu 19.10 version. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below.

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