Uninstall software in Ubuntu- How to do?

Uninstall Software in Ubuntu


ninstall software in Ubuntu: Uninstalling an Application or software from Linux Ubuntu is a very easy process. There are a number of ways to remove or uninstall an application from Ubuntu and in this article, we will check out all the ways and also about uninstalling applications installed from different package managers( apt, snap, etc).

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Remove/Uninstall Applications Installed using apt (apt-get) Package Manager:

To illustrate this process, we will use Linux Ubuntu 19.10 Eoan Ermine.

General syntax:

$ sudo apt remove package-name
  • sudo– Superuser do(root).
  • apt– Package manager.
  • remove– the process that is going to happen.
  • Package name– the application you want to remove from Ubuntu.


Consider the following scenario. I have installed vlc media player on my Ubuntu 19.10 using apt package manager. I want to remove that application from my system. To do so, I have to execute the following command on the Terminal.

sudo apt remove vlc

The vlc media player will be removed from my system now.

If you are not aware of the packages installed on your system or if you don’t know the package name that you want to install which was installed via apt package manager then execute the following command on the terminal.

sudo apt list --installed

This command will display all the apt installed applications(packages). You can now choose the required packages to be removed/uninstalled.

Remove packages Installed via Snappy(snap) Package Manager:

General Syntax:

$ sudo snap remove package-name

Using the above syntax you can uninstall a snap application from Linux Ubuntu

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I have installed Mozilla firefox application on my Linux Ubuntu 19.10 using the snap package manager. To uninstall the Mozilla firefox from my system the I have to execute the following removal command on the Terminal.

$ sudo snap remove firefox

The Firefox browser will be removed from my system.

To list all the installed applications via snap package manager, kindly do the following steps.

Let us change the directory to snap.

cd snap

Finally, we will list all the applications in snap using the following command.


Remove software snap
Remove software snap

An alternative method using Ubuntu Software:

You can remove/uninstall software using Ubuntu Software.

  • Open Ubuntu Software on your system.
  • Click on the installed tab from the Ubuntu Software.
  • Now, all the application installed via Ubuntu Software will be listed.
Ubuntu Software installed packages
Ubuntu Software installed packages

You can choose the application you want to remove from the system and click on the remove button to remove the application from your system.

Remove using Ubuntu Software
Ubuntu Software installed packages


I hope the above article gives you a clear idea of remove or uninstall software on Linux Ubuntu 19.10. Please leave a reply in case queries and share your feedback in the comment section.

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