URL Encode & Decode on Linux using Command Terminal!

How to do URL Encode & Decode using Command Line Terminal!

URL Decode Encode in Linux Terminal


rl Encode Decode in Linux Terminal: URL is the address or the location of the server.The URL expanded as “Uniform Resource Locater“. The sample URL format is ““. You can access the files and folder of tecrobust server using the URL ““. URL Encode is a process of encoding URL under cetain circumtances. Most commonly using encoding mechanism is “UTF-8” URL Encoding. This encoding mechanism can be applicable to URL, URN (Uniform Resource Name) & URI (Uniform Resource Identifer). URL Encoding is mainly used to preparation of data of the application/x-www-form-urlencoded, used in the submission of “Forms” in HTML. URL Decode is a process of decoding the encoded URL.

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URL Encode and Decode is a utility available for Linux. You can easily encode and decode URL, URN & URI from Linux Terminal. With the help of Gridside-Clients utility, you can convert URL with any strings according to RFC 1738. By default, this utility is not available in Linux. But you can install the Gridside-Clients utility using the following command:

$sudo apt-get install gridsite-clients

How To Install Gridside-Clients:

  • Copy the above command
  • Open the Terminal using CTRL + ALT + K
  • Paste the command and execute the installation process
Install Gridside-Clients Ubuntu
PrerequisiteInstall Gridside-Clients Ubuntu

URL Encoding through Linux Terminal:

After installing the Gridside-Clients utility in Linux, Open the Terminal and use the below command to encode any URL, URI and URN:

$urlencode ""
Note: Replace the URL ( with your URL to encode

The output of the above command is:

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URL Encoded
URL Encoded

URL Decoding through Linux Terminal:

URL Decode requires Gridside-Clients utility and so install from the Prerequisite section (Skip this step, if already installed Gridside-Clients in Linux). Use the below commands to decode the encoded URL in Linux Terminal.

$urlencode -d ""
Note: Replace the Encoded URL ( with your URL to decode

The output of the above command is,

Decode URL
Decode URL

URL Encode Online:

If you don’t want to install this utility or using Linux Terminal for URL Encoding and then we suggest you use the URL Encoder Online Tool. No installation required and no coding required. Just paste the URL and click the Encode button & Copy the encoded URL. Find more information on,

URL Encoder Online- Online URL Encoder Tool 2019 {Latest}

URL Decode Online:

You can decode URL through the online app. Just paste the Encoded URL and click the Decode button, Instantly Encoded URL will be generated. No software installation and no coding required. Find more information on,

URL Decoder Online- Best URL Decoder[Instant]


That’s it. This is the best way to encode or decode any URL with strings in Linux Terminal. We presented the different methods to do URL Encoding and URL Decoding. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below.

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