View Running Status & Information of the Linux System

How to view System Information on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & 19.10 Version?

View System Information in Linux


iew Running Status of your Ubuntu Linux System: Is it possible to view all the running tasks on Linux system? The answer is Yes. It is possible to view all the currently running status and information on your system using the Linux commands “Top, DF & DU“.

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Use Top Command to view currently running tasks:

The top command will help you to view your system’s real-time status. Copy the below command and execute it on the terminal.


The top command will print your system’s realtime status on the terminal.

Top Command Output
Top Command Output

You can view the following status of your system using the Top Command in Ubuntu Linux.

  • CPU States
  • Memory Usage
  • Swap Status
  • Each Process Status

Use DF Command to view currently running tasks:

The DF command is mainly used to view the status information of your Linux system. The DF Command displays the capacity, used, unused, and mount points of each partition of your system.

You can use the below commands to view all your system’s information:

df -k

the above command display all the information in KiloBytes.

df -a

the above command display all the partitions.

df -T

the above command displays the partition type such as EXT2, EXT3, etc.

DF Command Output
DF Command Output

Use Du Command to view system information:

This is the last method to view all the currently running tasks on your Ubuntu Linux system. Use the below command:

du -b

This command will print the size of a file or folder on your Ubuntu Linux system.

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DF Command in Linux
DF Command in Linux
du -ks

The above command will display the total size of your Linux system.

DU Command
DU Command

This is how you can view the HDD information of your Linux system using the DU command.


That’s it. This article explains how to view Linux system information and running status on the terminal. If you have any queries related to this article and then kindly comment us below.

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