View Saved WiFi Passwords in Ubuntu 18.04 & Ubuntu 19.04 Linux

How to view saved WiFi passwords in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS & Ubuntu 19.04 Linux.

Show Wifi Password Ubuntu


ind Saved Password In Ubuntu: It is possible to view the saved password in Ubuntu. Here in this article, we provided the best methods to view the saved Wifi password using the Termial command & the GUI method. It is recommended to use the GUI method than the Command Terminal. GUI method will save your time and ease to use. Lets get into the article.

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View Saved Wifi Password In Ubuntu Using GUI:

This is the easiest method to view the saved WIFI password in Ubuntu PC. Follow the below steps to do:

  • Open Settings window from the Top Right Nav-bar
  • Then go to the WiFI Settings tab
Wifi Settings GUI
Wifi Settings GUI
  • You may able to view the list of Wifi connections that are available
  • You need to open the settings of the currently connected Wifi connection
Go to Current WiFi Setting
Go to Current WiFi Setting
  • Go to the Security Tab and Your current WiFi connection will appear on the screen
  • You will see the option named as “View Password” Check on the box!
  • The password of your Current WiFi connection will appear on your screen.
View WiFi Password Ubuntu
View WiFi Password Ubuntu
  • Once you view the WiFi password, Click the Cancel button to close the window.

That’s it, This is the easiest way to view the Saved WiFi password in your Ubuntu PC.

View WiFi Password in Ubuntu Using Command Line Terminal:

Before going to this tutorial, We suggest you the GUI method to view WiFi password, It is an easy and faster way. Otherwise, you can use the command line terminal. Follow the steps below:

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Ubuntu stores the password in the “Network Manager” directory. When you give the save password option on WiFi, Ubuntu store the wifi password inside the Network manager directory under the file name of “System-connections“. You can view the password by accessing the file directly but it will ask you the System password to proceed. To do this,

  • Open Terminal command line
  • Enter the following command:
$cd /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/
Network Manager Directory
Network Manager Directory
  • Now you need to view the available WiFi connection or stored WiFi connection with your Ubuntu PC.

Use the below command:

$ls -a
View Stored WiFi Connection
View Stored WiFi Connection

As we see in the above image, ls -a will print the available stored WiFi connection in your Ubuntu PC.

  • Now you need to view the stored WiFi Password, use the following command:
$sudo cat WIFI_SSID_Connection_Name

CAT is the command to display the information. You need to replace the WIFI_SSID_Connection_Name with your WiFi name. The Saved password will appear under the term “psk-“. For more information kindly view the below image. The output of the above command will appear like in the below image.

View Stored WiFi Password
View Stored WiFi Password

That’s Friends, If you follow the above steps carefully, you may able to view the Stored WiFi Password in your Ubuntu PC. Otherwise, go with the GUI method. It is very easy and fast.


We hope this article will complete your requirement. The above method will work in all the Ubuntu version such as Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, 19.04 & Debian based Distros. If you have any query or new way to view the Stored WiFi password in Ubuntu and then comment us below.

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